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Beijing Yaiyuan software limited liability company is to provide Drupal software training, consulting, development of high-tech enterprises. The company is located in the Zhongguancun Software Park. Drupal leading domestic companies from technical experts and senior business experts co-founder. Drupal technology company focused on training, technical consulting, Drupal in the field of electronic commerce application solutions, Drupal in the library field of application solutions. Drupal software industry as a rising star in the company since its inception has been a number of important units to establish a partnership for a number of companies to provide the Drupal technical training, completed a number of major customer projects.
Give a man a fish, as delegate to fish

Our Drupal training from the most difficult start, a small minority in China is not popular open source technologies. Not only do we help customers solve problems, we strive to help our customers to gain the ability to use Drupal to help individuals, units, enterprises established on Drupal confidence.
Open source, sharing, win-win

In whatever circumstances we put our modules written translation of documents, finished Drupal language pack, contributed to the Drupal community. We in the project, also using a module written by others, Chinese language pack, various modules documentation. We believe that this open source model, this joint participation which can ultimately reduce everyone's costs. Drupal community members to help each of us to get more value.
To help customers solve real problems

Our prices are not cheap, but we focus on the spirit, continue studying Drupal has six years. We always help customers solve real problems Drupal projects, many customers headache practical problems, we can get in a short period of time. We focused, professional, for the customer's project paves the way, and ultimately reduce the customer's cost.

Our goal is to become China's Lullabot, help more individuals, businesses, organizations use Drupal.